Meet the SeMoer Family

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

A mix of charm and adventure speaks of enormous measures between Philip & Lirie otherwise and most commonly known as Philies & Plasie, proud owners of SeMoer Destination.

SeMoer Destination was born out of a passion for this piece of land and an unwillingness to let the history be forgotten. In 2019 their dreams became their reality when they opened SeMoer Destinations doors. They transformed the historically rich old farm into a destination where guests can unwind in luxury. The minimalist changes they implemented added a modern twist of flare while capturing the rich cultural heritage. 

 They built this farm into a destination where people travel far and wide to escape their normal lives, where they can choose to relax, be active in nature, enjoy the gardens, walking- and bike routes and to spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Our dream is for every visitor to fall in love with this place like we have, and to experience the absolute charm and magic that Semoer has to offer. We promise to keep developing and evolving Semoer Destination so that every visit will be more memorable than the last. 

All our love,
Philies & Plasie


Nestled away in the quiet valley of Rysmierbult on the edge of Gauteng province, lies the idyllic farm magic of Semoer.  This historic farm manor house can be exclusively yours; or you can choose to hire one of the small surrounding cottages.